Judge rules stripping is not art

Judge Rules Stripping Is Not Art
Judge Rules Stripping Is Not Art

A Manhattan judge has ruled that stripping is not art ... what a shocker, right?

'Hustler club in New York argued that lap dancers were artistic performance artists and qualified for tax exempt status. Employees even testified on the agility required for their routines,' 'Fox & Friends' reports.

Interesting argument ... but the judge didn't buy it. WNYW sent a live reporter to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, and says now the club has to pay up.

'Stripping should be subject to sales tax. Basically, the Hustler club has been ordered to pay more than $2M in back taxes after failing to collect sales tax on lap dances from 2006-2008,' the reporter explained.

CNBC reports the judge called it a sexual fantasy. One reporter even compared the place to a spot shown on 'Sopranos.'

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