Reporter rescues man who fell on train tracks

WATCH: Reporter Rescues Man Who Fell on Train Tracks
WATCH: Reporter Rescues Man Who Fell on Train Tracks

A reporter in New York was in the right place at just the right time when a man fell onto train tracks. Cameras were rolling and 'Fox & Friends' has the incredible video.

'Local Fox reporter John Huddy [made] headlines when he sprang into action, pulling a man to safety after falling onto the train tracks in Yonkers, New York,' 'Fox & Friends' reported.

The Huffington Post says Huddy was at the Metro-North station on February 4 reporting on the coming storm's effect on transit when the man slipped on ice.

Huddy recalled the heart-pounding incident to his WNYW news team: 'We're screaming at him 'come on, push, push, use your legs, help us, come on, pull, pull' and we were finally able to get him off the tracks.'

Huddy had some help from several bystanders, including Gregory Legget. The reporter asked Legget if he would be taking the train during the next day's storm

'No, I'm not taking the train, I'm staying home with spaghetti and fried chicken,' he joked.

The man who fell suffered a few minor bruises, but Huddy says he got right up and hopped on another train.

We're glad this story included a happy ending ... and some spaghetti.