Olympian's dad accidentally mortified him

Olympian's Dad Tries To Get His Son A Date
Olympian's Dad Tries To Get His Son A Date

Olympians train incredible hard for a chance to compete in the winter games, but all of that training sometimes takes a toll on their personal lives.

'TODAY' did a short piece on 18-year-old Tucker West, the youngest luger on the U.S. luge team, and talked about his intense training with his father, Brett. But his father does more than just support his son's Olympic dreams ... he also plays matchmaker.

During the broadcast, Brett said 'I just want to say to all the young ladies out there, Tucker is very single. Now he's a little shy, so you have to reach out to him -- and you can do that through Facebook. The neat part is, he's such a good kid, everyone who posts there he always gives back a personal response.'

While that may be most teens' worst nightmare, you can't argue with the results.

#TeamTucker started trending on Twitter, and the Facebook group jumped to over 47 hundred members.

Girls posted messages like:

One mother even pulled the stunt on her own daughter, posting this note and photo:

While the comment was awkward any way you slice it, Tucker doesn't seem too annoyed at his well-meaning pop. It could be a pretty great story to tell at a wedding if it all worked out, don't you think?

He replied on Twitter:

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