Man gets hot coffee ... from his sink

Norwegian Turns Faucet Into Instant Coffee Maker

Coffee addicts, this story is for you. Ever wish you could get your hot cup of joe instantly from your kitchen sink? Well, prepare to be amazed.

A guy in Norway put instant coffee into his hot water heater ... and voila. No more coffee pot, no more k-cups.

All you have to do is disconnect the incoming water line, measure out some coffee and reconnect the line.

A writer for the Chicago-Sun Times blog Voices puts things in perspective: 'Good news: You'll now have hot coffee coming out of the hot water side of your faucets. Bad news: You'll be stuck taking cold showers, unless you want to bathe in coffee.'

A word to the wise: if you ever decide to rig your water system, keep adding coffee to the water line. Otherwise, it'll gradually get weaker.

What do you think? Is this ingenious or ridiculous?

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