Man brings camera crew to propose to woman at work

Man Brings Camera Crew To Propose to Girlfriend At Work

Tony Hargrove from Riverside, Calif., decided to throw his girlfriend off by proposing before Valentine's Day -- and she certainly had no idea it was coming.

Gayle Anderson of KTLA-TV Channel 5 helped Tony surprise his sweet girlfriend Tiffany Lewis with an unexpected marriage proposal while she was in a meeting at work.

The staff of Visterra Credit Union seemed pretty taken aback by the interruption. Tiffany was seriously baffled by all the attention ... and then things became pretty clear. The Robbins Brothers Love Team, clad all in red with a spray of balloons, ushered a bashful Tony in. He quickly got down on one knee and popped the question. 'Will you accept this ring?'

Through her tears, Tiffany managed to say 'yes,' and the room burst into wild applause.

Nothing like a diamond and a declaration of everlasting love to liven up an early meeting!

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