Why running in snow is never a good idea

Why Running in Snow Is Never a Good Idea
Why Running in Snow Is Never a Good Idea

The snow might have kept some people snuggled up inside, but one woman named Chelsea was eager to lace up and get her jog on in snowy Portland.

Seconds after telling a KOIN reporter that the snow wasthe 'perfect texture for running. Very low impact and it's dry snow so your feet don't get wet,' she totally wiped out.

OUCH! Guess that texture wasn't perfect after all. Chelsea's running partner, Michael, kinda spilled the beans about Chelsea's less-than-expert knowledge.

'We're both California kids, so we haven't had very many snow days in our life, so this is pretty exciting,' he said.

Her California roots might just have helped her keep her laid-back approach to it all. She told Deadspinthat her 'neck was a little sore but the ridiculous, awesome irony of the situation cushioned the blow pretty well.'

Chelsea continued her joking when Deadspin asked what an average run looks like to her. She said'I've run some long-distance races but I usually just go out in search of local news crews and ask them to film me waxing poetic about running, then fall.'

We're glad we can all laugh together about this one ... because that fall was hilarious.

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