Twins are addicted to being together

'My Strange Addiction': Addicted to Being Together
'My Strange Addiction': Addicted to Being Together

Twins Amy and Becky, 45, are addicted to being twins. Their addiction intensified about 20 years ago when Amy weighed 15 pounds more than her sister.

Since then, the pair rigorously weighs and measures every portion of food and drink they consume in order to remain identical. The twins do everything together, including sleeping in the same room and going on one another's dates. They neglected to tell the poor guy what to expect, and he was pretty bewildered -- especially when they explained that they are kind of 'married to each other.'

The two have not spent more than 30 minutes apart in 20 years. As part of TLC's 'My Strange Addiction' program, the twins agreed to try spending 24 hours apart. After a hug, they went their separate ways.

A few hours in, Becky explained that the separation was driving her crazy. 'I don't even know how I'm holding myself together so well. I feel like half of my body has been cut off. I will never agree to do this ever again.' Amy counted the hours as well.

When they finally reunited, they agreed that they would never try something like that again.