This will change the way you watch 'Jurassic Park'

This Video Will Change the Way You Watch Jurassic Park Forever
This Video Will Change the Way You Watch Jurassic Park Forever

'Jurassic Park' is a 1993 Steven Spielberg film about a billionaire looney in white linen who builds a prehistoric West World that no one will ever visit because it's too expensive and the attractions eat people. It's one of the greatest action adventure films of all time, but after watching it again, BuzzFeed had some questions.

1) Who is this kid? What is he doing on an archeological dig? Is he on a special field trip for kids in tacky quicksilver shirts?

2) Why does the rest of the staff have to leave the island? Because of the storm? It wasn't even that bad. It just like, rained a lot.

3) What 'sophisticated techniques' were used to extract preserved blood from the mosquito? It looks like a drill and a needle. How sophisticated is that?

4) How did they clone the plants? They explained the dinosaurs but never the plants. Is it more of these sophisticated techniques?

5)Why did Genarro run from the jeep to the toilet? Did he honestly think he would be safer there?

6) Why did Ray go to the maintenance shed alone? Had he never seen a scary movie before?

7) Why do Allen and Tim climb straight down this tree? Why not just whip around to the other side? You know, the one were the jeep isn't falling behind them.

8) Also, why does Tim climb the electric fence? He clearly could have fit between the wires. Man, everyone in this movie is bad at climbing.

9) How does Tim know that the dino has a cold? Has he seen a lot of healthy ones? You know, in the six hours that dinosaurs have been real for him.

10) Why don't we buy Jeff Goldblum as a sexy mathematician? Is it because he's not sexy or because he's a mathematician? Can those two words go together?

11) Why doesn't Tim hand Ellie the shotgun? He's not doing anything besides standing around, freaking out and not helping anyone.

12) How does a 10-ton T-Rex sneak into a visitor's center without anyone noticing? Everywhere else she goes, she clonks around like Frankenstein. But now she's some kind of ninja?

13) And finally, did you ever noticed that 'Jurassic Park' has pretty much the same ending as another scary flick?

Well, at least there are two sequels that do a great job about not answering any of these questions at all.