Starbucks in hot water after humiliating vet with service dog

Starbucks Brews Up Controversy After Humiliating Vet with Service Dog
Starbucks Brews Up Controversy After Humiliating Vet with Service Dog

One Starbucks in Houston served up nothing but humiliation to a veteran and his service dog.

'Iraq War vet Yancy Baer and his dog Beans were there for a meeting about the service dog's training when Baer says he was repeatedly questioned about why he even needed his dog,' 'Fox & Friends' reports.

Baer and Beans, short for Verbena, were at Starbucks for a Canine Companions for Independence meeting, the same group that paired the duo together after Baer lost much of his left leg to bone cancer.

Beans is a very important part of Baer's life. The lab mix opens and closes drawers, turns lights on and off and even grabs Baer's wallet when he needs it.

'I explained what all she does, and that was his next comment: 'Well, why can't you do that yourself?,'' Baer said of an employee at Starbucks.

Baer says the staffer then told him that dogs were not allowed in the store. He tried to explain that Beans is a service dog, but the employee didn't understand why Baer needed a service dog if he wasn't blind.

The story has since brewed quite the commotion, causing the coffee giant to release this statement:

'Starbucks always welcomes service animals to our stores. We have spoken with this customer to apologize for his experience, and we hope to have the opportunity to serve him again.'

Starbucks also mentioned that it spoke to the store partner and is using what happened as a coaching opportunity. Baer says he hopes people can learn that disabilities are not always obvious.

'People with disabilities, you can't always see those disabilities. You never know what that service dog is for,' he said.

Despite the incident, Baer says he doesn't have any hard feelings ... but he will not be returning to the coffee giant again.

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