Little boy was really fed up with shoveling

WATCH: Little Boy Screams to Sky for Jesus to Make It Warm

One unnamed 4-year-old boy was really fed up with the snow -- so he decided to call on a higher power for some help.

In this video that's gone viral, you see the little boy shoveling for a while before he grunts and then screams 'JESUS, MAKE IT WARM!' to the heavens.

This is a sentiment likely shared by many, and Guyism's headline nailed it, saying the boy's scream represents us all. Then the outlet joked:'God can't help you, son. It's never, ever going to get warm again. Get back to work.'

HyperVocal pointed out that Jesus didn't have a whole lot of time to respond, either; The boy gave him a few seconds ... and then went back to shoveling.

Well, you can't sit around and wait for miracles all day, right?!
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