High school sweethearts reunited after 60 years

High School Sweethearts Reunite After 60 Years

Bob Stoup and Juli Hall, both 86, fell in love when they were in high school, but they simply couldn't make things work. Luckily, fate brought them back together 60 years later.

Julie explains that they 'aren't quite sure' why things fell apart, but it likely had something to do with the fact that Bob went off to the Navy. Though he didn't intend to stay away for long, he spent 20 years serving his country.

During their time apart, both Julie and Bob got married. Julie was with her husband for 45 years and Bob was with his wife for 53 years.

They talked a few times to plan a high school reunion, and Julie admits they had a 'little feeling for each other' after all those years. Still, they never got together.

Time passed, and they both lost their beloved spouses. Finally, Bob got up the nerve to reach out to Julie. Their reunion was blissful, and they wed months later in 2005. They were both 77.

Bob's advice? 'You're never too old to get married!' They're also firm believers in the power of romance and affection.

'They should call us the cuddly couple!,' Julie chimed in. 'We are so happy, and our kids are happy.'

Bob and Julie then ...

When they finally reconnected ...

And when they got married in 2005.
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