Former radio host fired after estranged husband threatens company

Radio Host Fired After Estranged Husband Threatens Company
Radio Host Fired After Estranged Husband Threatens Company

A popular radio host in Pennsylvania is making headlines after she says her company fired herbecause of her dangerous estranged husband.

Nancy Lane was the well-known DJ on two Forever Broadcasting shows until she received a letter last Tuesday that explained recent events involving George Lucas Lane had caused 'severe disruption' to the business.

Nancy told reporters she left George last summer after he allegedly burned down their home in Portage. He has made headlines multiple times for threatening her, her family and her co-workers. Last year, Nancy says he even went as far as slashing tires of several company cars.

Forever Broadcasting has not commented on Lane's firing, but took action to dismiss her after George began threatening the company.

George is currently in jail for impersonating a police officer last month which is still under investigation. Nancy told WJAC she doesn't know what's next for her, but said her main priority is focusing on her children.

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