Everyday products you're using wrong

Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong
Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong

Sure, the way you use Reynolds wrap, eat from a Chinese takeout box, chow down on Greek yogurt and pour ketchup totally works ... but this video is about to make you see things a bit differently.

For tinfoil that stays in place, don't forget to pop in the little tab on the side. Voila!

Instead of eating Chinese takeout from the box, you can turn it into an instant plate by folding the sides down.

The same basic idea works for those little ketchup cups. Unfold them to reveal their true potential (and make more room for the condiment).

Perhaps you realized this, but you don't have to spoon the honey or fruit from one side of the Greek yogurt to the other. Simply tip the cup for a less messy mix.

Love sipping soda through a straw? Stop the bobbing with a turn of the tab on a can.

Always losing your spoon when you cook in a saucepan? Most can fit in the slot at the top of the handle. You'll never have to go searching for it again.

Tired of to-go drinks 'sweating' all over everything? Don't let the condensation stress you out. The lid can become a coaster in seconds.

Last but not least, BuzzFeed shows us a handy way to turn the foil top of a small applesauce into a spoon. (You have to be pretty desperate to try this one, but we're sure it could come in handy for someone ... somewhere ...)

Have you figured out any brilliant around-the-house hacks? Share the wealth! Tell us in the comments below.