Top 3 heartwarming suprpises of the week

Top 3 Heartwarming Surprises Of The Week
Top 3 Heartwarming Surprises Of The Week

This week's top three heartwarming stories all involve the element of surprise. From an unexpected donation to an unbelievable reaction to music, here are this week's top picks.

Our No. 3 spot goes to a Goodwill manager who stumbled upon $43,000 in cash left in donated clothing.

"I couldn't believe it. I didn't know how much it was, but I knew it was a lot because it was hundred-dollar bills in bank bands," the store manager said.

It turns out the person had donated clothes of an elderly relative without checking the pockets first.

Our No. 2 surprise is probably the cutest video we've seen all week. Four-year-old Jackson Blitch is so overcome with emotion while listening to the song "Say Something" that all he can do is cry. The kicker? He doesn't want it to stop.

The video of the young boy went viral with more than 2 million views. It even got the attention of singer Christina Aguilera, who tweeted the vid. The kid's dad says his son isn't afraid to show his emotions and bare his soul.

But the story that took the cake for best heartwarming surprise goes to a hardworking single mom in Alabama who got the best Christmas present ever.

Lysanias Taylor was given one ticket to see "Motown: The Musical" in New York City. Her response was priceless.

Taylor and her family flew to New York City, made an appearance on the Today show, and got a personal performance from the Broadway stars and a visit from Motown founder Berry Gordy.

Talk about a great week of surprises. Thanks for watching our top three heartwarming stories; check back with us next week for more heartwarming moments.