Girl writes book to raise $1 million for her brother

Girl Writes Book To Raise $1 Million For Sick Brother
Girl Writes Book To Raise $1 Million For Sick Brother

Makenzie Lawrey, 9, went the extra mile for her younger brother who has mitochondrial disease. Makenzie is writing a book to help raise money to find a cure.

'This 9-year-old wrote 'Mighty Mito Superhero' about her younger brother. She turned her brother into a superhero and wrote about her own experiences,' WINK reported.

She's sold more than 500 books about her 6-year-old brother Gavin Lawrey. Though she's raised about $20,000, she has her heart set on a larger goal: $1 million.

Mitochondrial disease leaves cells in the body unable to produce energy. Those battling the disease suffer from seizures, cardiac and liver diseases and respiratory problems. So far, there is no known cure.

You can also help Makenzie Lawrey raise more money for her 'super' brother by visiting the family's Hope 4 Mito site and Facebook page.