Calif. high school apologizes for 'offensive' lunch menu

Calif. High School Apologizes for 'Offensive' Lunch Menu
Calif. High School Apologizes for 'Offensive' Lunch Menu

A California high school is apologizing after plans for lunch menu items meant to celebrate Black History Month generated some controversy.

HLN explains that the menu included 'fried chicken, corn bread and watermelon. The idea came from the black student union. School officials say it may have sounded tasty, but the menu had nothing to do with black history.'

After some parents and students said the selection was offensive, the interim president of Carondelet High School told KTVU those items won't be served after all. She also explained why the students chose those foods for the lunch menu.

Sister Ann Bernard explains that 'they thought this was a very clever way, in their own way, of celebrating Black History Month. It was as simple and as naive as that.'

After those items were cancelled, reactions about the decision were a bit mixed. A student told KPIX that she felt 'it wasn't to hurt anyone, but it was just a little too far.' Meanwhile, an NAACP member asks that the school try to 'move on. Let's be more progressive. Let's not be so insulted about something so minute.'

KCBS points out the student union that drafted up the menu didn't get approval from school staff.

Local outlets report the school plans to hold an assembly to talk about racial stereotypes and diversity.