The secret language of flowers

What That Bouquet of Flowers Is Really Saying

According to florist Melissa Kirby from Event Creative, there's a flower 'language' many of us might not even know.

It's been around since the Victorian era when people would use bouquets as coded messages to express emotions they didn't want to speak aloud.

Consider this your flower dictionary:

-Orchid = 'refined beauty'
-Tulip = 'perfect love' and rebirth
-Yellow stock blooms = friendship and 'lasting love'
-Lavender = 'enchantment'
-Bouvardia = enthusiasm and is perfect for new relationships
-Delphinium is for the 'bighearted' in your life (great for parents)
-Pink roses = tender love
-Traditional red rose = passionate love

How many of these did you know? Do you have any to add? Let us know in the comments.
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