Stranger donates house to homeless family

Stranger Donates House to Homeless Family
Stranger Donates House to Homeless Family

Lori Rippy, Vaughan Luton and their four kids lost nearly everything in a house fire last month that left them homeless.

But one man who wants to remain anonymous stepped forward to offer significant help. The man told a KDKA news anchor that he wanted to give the family a home -- without charging them anything. That's a pretty remarkable offer.

The house does need a little work (just basic plumbing and painting), but it's valued at nearly $30,000.

Lori and Vaughan also have a donation page on GiveForward, which explains that they lost their home and dog to the fire on January 29th. So far, nearly $3,500 of the $5,000 goal has been raised.

Good News Network says the happy event came just in time' the family had been staying at a motel courtesy of the Red Cross, but their stay had ended.

While the house is being renovated, a different property owner is allowing the family to stay in an apartment.