Researchers find we've all been eating burgers incorrectly

Researchers Find We've All Been Eating Burgers Incorrectly

Apparently we've all been eating our burgers the wrong way. According to 'Fox & Friends,' researchers have found a better way to do it.

'Researchers in Japan say that most of us eat our hamburgers with four fingers on the top and thumbs on the bottom. But instead, they say the best way to do this is to actually put your pinkies and your thumbs on the bottom.'

So why is it better to have your pinkies and thumbs on the bottom of the burger?

Daily Mail points out that it's better for keeping all the good stuff from falling out of your sandwich - and it keeps the bottom secure. It reportedly took researchers four months to determine the best method. Yes. That long.

Apparently that's not the only way to ensure you enjoy your burger. WJXT has a couple other ideas: 'Researchers also suggest not to hold the burger too tightly, and to warm up your mouth muscles before eating.'

We aren't sure how you're supposed to warm up your mouth muscles ... so you're on your own with that one.
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