Naked adult party held at play center, parents outraged

Naked Adult Party Held at Children's Play Center, Parents Outraged
Naked Adult Party Held at Children's Play Center, Parents Outraged

Some Long Island parents are outraged because an adult party featuring nudity and Jell-O wrestling was held at achildren's play center. 'Fox & Friends' has more:'This photo was posted on Instagram and it's a PG version, trust us, of what was really happening at a children's center on Long Island. Other photos showing naked adults on the playground.'

News 12 Long Island actually had video of the ad, which said it was all 'clean wholesome fun' and there would be 'tasteful nudity.' It also promised there would be a photobooth.

WCBS says people were invited via to Krazy Kids, where the party was titled 'Jungle Gym & Pajama All-Night Dance Party: For Grown Ups Who Won't Grow Up.'

'Party-goers posted on social media what appears to be naked revelers enjoying themselves on the equipment and floors inside the children's entertainment center.'

Concerned parents quickly took to Facebook to express their revulsion over the party which took place on February 1st.

'Won't ever be going here again! You should be shut down! Disgusting,' one parent wrote.

On February 4th, Krazy Kidz wrote on its Facebook page that it rented out the facility for the event to earn some extra money, saying:

'This event was no different than an ordinary Halloween party that you would hold at your home. As always, that facility has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with a fogging spray and we continue to pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility.'

Despite the play center's reasoning, WNYW spoke to a mother of a three-year-old who is still stunned.

'They say it's clean but you have naked adults sliding down the slide and you have your child sliding down that same slide, I think it pushes the limit for people on what they're comfortable with.'

Krazy Kids has said it's reviewing its private party rental policy and plans to reopen the play center on February 5th. The center had been closed down for cleaning since the party was held.