Monkey thought to be culprit of car break-ins

Monkey Thought to Be Culprit of Car Break-Ins
Monkey Thought to Be Culprit of Car Break-Ins

The search is on for an unlikely suspect thought to be breaking into cars in Florida. Apparently it doesn't steal anything ... it just tosses things around and makes a mess.

The creature wasn't actually caught breaking into cars, but one photojournalist from FOX13 seems to think the mysterious monkey is the culprit.

'You'd think anybody who is breaking into a car would find it nice to have a GPS sitting in there or an iPod or whatever, but they just left it all sitting here,' Corey Beckman said.

Maybe the culprit just has a good sense of direction and a full iTunes library? Still, the journalist could be onto something. The monkey is thought to be a rhesus macaque, a species that National Geographic points out is known to roam wild in Florida and is very intelligent. It's so smart, it's likely able to open doors.

Mysterious monkey
Mysterious monkey

Plus, the reporter isn't the only one who's had problems with the primate.

'Residents say they have heard the monkey -- in fact, residents complain about loud howling in the mornings.'

Daily Mail reports this isn't the first run-in with the species in Florida.

'In 2012, a rhesus macaque who had eluded capture for more than two years and attacked a woman was caught on a low tree branch following a five-hour stakeout in south St Petersburg.'

Because this mischievous monkey could possibly attack, anyone who sees it is urged to call authorities. For now, it just seems like a Curious George.

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