Man battles HOA over Lady Liberty statue

Man Battles Homeowner's Association Over Lady Liberty Statue
Man Battles Homeowner's Association Over Lady Liberty Statue

A Florida man is refusing to remove a seven-foot Statue of Liberty replica on his front lawn.

Lon Neuvillesays he put the statue up in October before he had filled out an application with the HOA. He later got approval in December, which prompted him to bolt down the statue. But in January, the HOA said the approval letter was an error.

When he was told he had two weeks to remove Lady Liberty, he got a lawyer.

Looks like he's holding the torch on this one. He told WOFL his lawyer's stance:

'He sees no provision in the HOA laws or rules or whatever they call it, for approving something, and then at a later date, saying 'We issued the approval in error.''

The HOA said the association's governing documents do not permit statues outside of homes -- and that's not the only problem.

'The president of the HOA says the original application failed to mention the statue is wired for electricity, so it failed an inspection.'

The homeowner says his neighbors aren't complaining and some people in the area have even said they like it.

'The statue is going no where. It's staying. I don't care what it costs me.'

It's all a bit ironic, isn't it? He has already spent $1,000 dollars in lawyers' fees and continues to stand up for his 'lady.'