Dr. Phil shows his softer side

Dr. Phil's First Valentine Gift
Dr. Phil's First Valentine Gift

Dr. Phil is known for his tough love on TV, but in real life he's actually a big softie with a good sense of humor.

He explains that decades ago, he and future wife Robin McGraw were totally broke. When their first Valentine's Day together rolled around, he wasn't sure he could afford a great gift.

Then, he saw her eyeing a crafts project for a pillow in a local hobby store. 'It was like $9,' he explains, 'but I was able to get it, and so I took it and hid it in a field and made her go on a scavenger hunt and find it. She was tickled to death.'

Dr. Phil also opened up about what it was like to get recognized for the very first time ... and when being recognized goes all wrong. Recently, three women came up to him and made a huge fuss. Only after they screamed 'it's Dabney Coleman' did he realize that they were a tad confused.

He took photos with them anyway ... and signed 'Dabney Coleman' on everything.

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