'Date Grape Koolaid' drink causes outrage

Bar Facing Protests Over Controversial Drink Name
Bar Facing Protests Over Controversial Drink Name

Residents in Spokane, Wash., protested the opening of a new bar called the Daiquiri Factory after the bar named one of the drinks on the menu 'Date Grape Koolaid,' Q13Fox reports.

'I don't want to shut these guys down,' a protester explained, 'I just want to point out that they are handling a sensitive subject badly, and hopefully to change some hearts and minds.'

The owners refuse to change the name, saying that protesters are making a 'big deal out of nothing.'

Here's a look at the menu:


On its Facebook page, the Daiquiri Factory called out KXLY 4 News Group, explaining that the drink's meaning has been twisted.

The inspiration for the Signature Date Grape Koolaid Daiquiri. (besides it being simply the ingredients of the Daiquiri...) No one seems to feel the need to look up the phrase Date Grape.. in the Urban Dictionary. (no one did a fact check.. just twisted the meaning all together...

On Urban Dictionary, 'Date Grape' is defined as 'When you and your loved one get drunk off of wine and end up hooking up.'

Below the post, some Facebook commenters took issue with the fact that the bar did not apologize for how the drink's name was misconstrued. Others said the bar had nothing to be sorry for.

In response, the Factory wrote: 'No you decided to believe the media. No one put rape into grape.'

Meanwhile, Koolaid released a statement explaining that they have nothing to do with the drink, and may consider legal action to get the name changed.

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