Artist sculpts enormous 'frozen dinner' out of snow

Artist Sculpts Enormous 'Frozen Dinner' Out of Snow
Artist Sculpts Enormous 'Frozen Dinner' Out of Snow

Hungry? You might want to take a bite of one man's lawn ... though it's likely a little too frozen for your liking.

Yup, artist Todd Lindbergh crafted a 30-foot-by-30-foot frozen dinner made entirely out of snow. It comes complete with two pieces of chicken, peas, carrots and mashed potatoes.

Frozen dinner on man's lawn
Frozen dinner on man's lawn

Seriously, it's like a replica of something you would find in your frozen food aisle, like a Kid Cuisine.

Lindberg created the masterpiece (or master dinner) in his front yard in Virginia.

He's he same artist who created a mural in honor of Olympic Gabby Douglas in her home town of Virginia Beach. He posted the painting on Facebook, and it showcases Douglas with her medal.

But like any good snow creation, this one isn't sticking around for long.

'The paint dissolved down into the snow. It wasn't that people ate it, it just dissolved.'

That's too bad, because it sure looked appetizing.

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