'Antiques Roadshow': $100,000 find in grandma's basement

'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Stumbled Upon $100,000 in Grandma's Basement
'Antiques Roadshow': Woman Stumbled Upon $100,000 in Grandma's Basement

On 'Antiques Roadshow,' a woman stumbled upon a piece of American history while cleaning out her grandma's basement.

About 35 years ago, a photo album turned up in her grandma's basement -- and inside were signed photographs of Abraham Lincoln and his cabinet near the end of Lincoln's presidency.

Appraiser Wes Cowan said: 'Abraham Lincoln has always been collectable, his autograph has always been collectable. He signed very, very few photographs. They come up for sale every once in awhile, a signed Abraham Lincoln carte de visite.'

He said the album would be worth between $75,000 and $100,000 at auction. Cowan said that in his 20-plus years on the job, he had never seen an album featuring a president and his full cabinet with every single picture signed. The woman couldn't help but smile at the news.

The appraisal seemed to be right on the money -- there are a few signed Lincoln pictures up for auction on eBay right now going for about that much.