When calling a random number really pays off

5 Examples of Real Phone Numbers in Ads, Movies or TV
5 Examples of Real Phone Numbers in Ads, Movies or TV

When Buzz:60 producer Scott Knowlton called a number he saw in an Old Spice ad, he had no idea that he'd end up winning Super Bowl tickets.

That experience was incredible, but it's not the first time a number on TV or in the movies has led to an unexpected result (though one could argue that Knowlton definitely got the best perk).

In 2004, 'Scrubs' character Chris Turk claimed he had the 'perfect' cell phone number. He even said that 'if you call Turk, you get Turk' -- and he wasn't kidding. Fans who dialed the number got a taped message from Donald Faison, the actor who plays Turk.

In the Jonah Hill comedy 'The Sitter,' Hill offered up his real number for fans in an effort to help promote the film. During an interview with the Huffington Post, Hill said: 'It's really funny. People are really shocked when I pick up the phone. They mostly just kind of can't believe that it's actually me. They mostly go, 'Oh man, what's up, what are you doing?' But the excited version of that.'

The hit television drama '24' repeatedly showed Jack Bauer's digits, and some people who called were lucky enough to get through to writers, producers or actors on set.

Still, posting a real number on the big (or small) screen isn't always fun and games. When a cell phone number flashed across the screen in 'Bruce Almighty,' viewers that called asking for God and got Donna Augstin instead. Her phone rang non-stop.