'Mad genius' is really upsetting 'Jeopardy!' fans

How Is Jeopardy's 'Mad Genius' Upsetting Viewers?
How Is Jeopardy's 'Mad Genius' Upsetting Viewers?

Arthur Chu is on his way to becoming one of the biggest 'Jeopardy!' villains.

Some of his unconventional antics, like searching out Daily Doubles and leaving the board a wreck, have gotten under the skin of 'Jeopardy!' fanatics.

Trebeck: Daily Double
Chu: Five bucks ...
Trebeck: Five bucks? Don't feel confident in sports? Alright, here is the clue: Eddie Giacomin, Herb Brooks, Conn Smythe
Chu: I don't know

That $5 bet (and even sticking with the category) might seem a bit strange when he clearly didn't know the answer, but think about it: not only did he not lose anything significant during that round, he also made sure the other competitors couldn't double their scores.

It's a strategy that works ... but it's not exactly in the spirit of the game, and it makes for pretty boring viewing.

Another unconventional move is playing to tie -- a strategy championed by former winner Keith Williams.

When Williams found out Chu got the idea from him, he made a video explaining the move.

'Tacking on that extra dollar won't help you, but if you're wrong, you could lose a game by a dollar, and there have been several instances where that has been the case.'

Chu reportedly read up on past 'Jeopardy!' contestants and searched through online strategies to prepare for his appearance on the show.

Chu told Mental_floss that he doesn't regret his aggressive strategy, telling the website: 'At the very least it's been hilarious.'

What's your take? Is Chu ruining 'Jeopardy!,' or has he just honed in on a smarter style of play?