J.C. Penney wasn't drunk tweeting during the Super Bowl

JCPenney Wasn't Drunk Tweeting During the Super Bowl
JCPenney Wasn't Drunk Tweeting During the Super Bowl

The Twittersphere was aflutter when J.C. Penney started tweeting out what appeared to be nonsense.

'We all feared a drunken, hijacked J.C. Penney's Twitter, typing nonsense, [but it] turned out to be a very intentional promo for mittens, notoriously hard to type with,' 'GMA' reports.

Oh ... so the jumbled Twitter text turned out to be an ad? Yup, seems like it. One called a Seahawks touchdown a 'toughdown,' and others were even harder to understand.

It's safe to say that the ploy got a lot of attention. Headlines noted the chain was tweeting out 'unusual Super Bowl commentary' and 'having a little too much fun.'

HLN reports the company eventually fessed up, saying its tweeters weren't drunk, just trying to keep their hands from getting cold.

'They finally tweeted an apology, showing a picture with the message 'we were tweeting with mittens.' Of course they're for sale,' HLN explained.

If you want to snag your own 'Go USA!' mittens, check out the J.C. Penney website ... but don't forget to take them off if you want to write a comment below.