Goodwill worker finds $43,000 in donated clothing

Good Samaritan Returns $43,000 Found in Goodwill Donation
Good Samaritan Returns $43,000 Found in Goodwill Donation

An employee at a Goodwill outside of Detroit was shocked when he stumbled on the biggest wad of cash he'd ever seen -- a whopping $43,000 dollars. 'Fox & Friends' has his story.

'I couldn't believe it. I was astonished. I froze and [was] immediately nervous because I'm like, 'somebody is looking for this or don't know it's gone. And I've got somebody's savings here that doesn't even know it.''

That's manager Tyler Gedelian, who says he found a bright blue envelope filled with bundles of hundred dollar bills stuffed in a blue dressing gown.

As WJBK reports, he's being praised for being a good Samaritan

The man said he never thought about keeping the money, and called the police immediately.

An interesting note about the bills: Detroit affiliate WWJ says that some of the bills date back to the 1930s.

The person who was reunited with the money wished to remain anonymous.