Thieves rob New York City's Cartier store in mid-afternoon

Thieves Rob New York City's Cartier Store in Mid-Afternoon
Thieves Rob New York City's Cartier Store in Mid-Afternoon

'Good Morning America' says a brazen robbery took place at a very famous New York jewelry store on January 30th.

'Thieves burst into the famous Cartier jewelry store on 5th Avenue in the middle of the afternoon to the obvious shock of tourists and store employees. They used hammers to smash open the glass cases.'

'Fox & Friends' has the details on what happened next.

'They scooped up 16 watches. Police say it happened so fast that no one had time to react. The robbers made a clean getaway.'

The thieves made off with about $700,000 worth of merchandise. The New York Post says Cartier wasn't the first choice of the five robbers, though.

It reports they actually planned to rob a nearby watch and jewelry store but were thrown out by security. A few minutes later, they robbed Cartier after pushing past an unarmed security guard.

Even though the block Cartier is on is one of the most heavily guarded in the city due to all the luxury boutiques and jewelry stores in the area.

Daily Mail reports police believe the thieves decided to rob the store anyway because the majority of police officers were at least 10 minutes away overseeing the pre-Super Bowl festivities in Times Square.

Police are currently reviewing security footage, but no one has been arrested yet in connection with the robbery.