DC firefighters accused of refusing to help man having heart attack

D.C. Firefighters Accused of Refusing to Help Man Having Heart Attack
D.C. Firefighters Accused of Refusing to Help Man Having Heart Attack

Two DC firefighters are on leave after reportedly doing nothing while a man had a heart attack and died across the street from the fire station. HLN talked to the daughter of 77-year-old Cecil Mills.

'It's heartless, and that's how I felt because the person stood there and did nothing to help. I even ran to the curb and said 'are you going to help me or are you going to let my dad die?' This goes against what firefighting is all about.'

The response she got: 'That firefighter told them no one could respond until someone called 911 and they were dispatched. That ambulance went in the wrong direction by more than two dozen blocks.'

Now, DC officials are questioning how this could have happened.

At a press conference Wednesday, Mayor Vincent Gray said the incident is 'an outrage,' and the firefighters failed to show 'common decency.' He also said those who failed to respond will be held accountable.

One of those is Lt. Kellene Davis, who was in charge at the time. She's one of the firefighters on leave. WJLA obtained a letter from her to the fire chief.

'She says firefighter G. Murphy told her someone had fallen across the street so she asked him to get an address and said she'd be right there but he never returned with an address.'

But according to the outlet, sources say Davis' story differs considerably from Murphy's.

The two firefighters will remain on leave until officials have completed their investigation.