Tumbleweeds take over Clovis, N.M.

Tumbleweeds Take Over Clovis, N.M.
Tumbleweeds Take Over Clovis, N.M.

Forget the snow and ice we've been seeing nationwide ... tumbleweeds are taking over New Mexico.

'It's like something out of a '50s movie,' 'GMA' reports. 'People had to be rescued from their homes. Troops from a nearby military base had to be called in. Plows had to be called in to clear the streets.'

That's after a huge wind storm blew through Clovis, New Mexico this week. According to KRQE, residents are calling it the tumbleweed invasion of 2014.

'It looked like a herd of cows coming. The tumbleweeds were just rolling in here,' a resident said.

People were even trapped inside their homes.

KOB-TV reports Clovis Public Works has been trying to clear the streets. But backyards are a different story.

Issac Garcia's backyard was so inundated with tumbleweeds that he had to create a pathway to get near his door. 'I'm lucky to have a hole and as soon as I clean the back then I start pushing things over the fence there,' Garcia told KOB-TV.

It looks like those tumbleweeds will be around for a little while. KRQE reports that the cleanup process is underway -- but it will take weeks to get everything cleared out.