Phone number in Old Spice ad leads to free Super Bowl tickets

Phone Number Shown in Old Spice Ad Leads to Free Super Bowl Tickets

After seeing the new Old Spice Super Bowl ad online, a viewer decided to call the number scribbled on a piece of paper shown in the commercial.

Turns out, the company was waiting for calls.

Who was on the other line? None other than the Super Bowl gods themselves. It was Old Spice giving away Super Bowl tickets to any lucky fans who got through.

Out of over 1,000 people who realized the number was an 'Easter egg,' only two people got tickets.

Buzz60's Andrew Dymburt decided to track down one of the winners. In a crazy twist, he realized that the person he was looking for happened to be the producer sitting four feet away from him! His name is Scott Knowlton, and he's sure glad he called that line.

Scott had initially called the number seeking information for a news story. Turns out he got far more than he expected: free Super Bowl tickets!

(Sorry, Andrew ... Scott won't be bringing you.)

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