Olive Garden to offer dinner ... and free babysitting

Olive Garden and My Gym Offer Dinner and Free Babysitting
Olive Garden and My Gym Offer Dinner and Free Babysitting

If you're dying for a date night with your spouse but need a babysitter - you're in luck. As 'Fox & Friends' reports, one restaurant chain is providing the babysitter AND footing the babysitting bill.

'For one night only, Olive garden will pick up the tab for babysitting! The restaurant teaming up with A children's activity center, it's called My Gym.'

On February 7th, My Gym will offer a fun evening of free games and activities for your children as you enjoy your Italian meal. But even with 145 participating locations, KPRC suggests booking your child's spot quickly.

'Space is limited that night to about 30 children at each My Gym location. They are going to have you pay a deposit, which of course will be refunded after you show your Olive Garden receipt.'

But some aren't too thrilled about Olive Garden's sudden show of generosity. One WFLD anchor even called the gesture quote 'desperate.' Here's why.

'I say desperate because their sales have been in jeopardy, and they are closing some stores and laying off workers ...'

As the Orlando Sentinel reports, the chain IS using the Parents Night Out as a way to promote their 2-for-$25 special. But hey ... a free babysitter doesn't sound like a bad deal.