Dr. Oz's eye-opening transformation

Dr. Oz's Fat Suit Depression
Dr. Oz's Fat Suit Depression


Dr. Oz got to experience life as a 400-lb. man via the use of a fat suit, which left him unrecognizable and very depressed.

'The most painful thing I experienced was a mom with two kids walking past me,' Dr. Oz said of his temporary transformation. 'She sort of grabbed their hands and moved them away from me like there was something so wrong. I was such a pariah that she didn't want her kids hurt in any way by the experience of seeing me.'

Although Dr. Oz is in good shape now, as a child he counted himself among the millions of Americans who struggle with their weight.

'I remember the shame I felt,' Dr. Oz said. 'It was useful to go back to that emotion, because that's exactly what I felt when I put on a 400-lb. fat suit.'

His experience has even changed the way he plans to treat obese guests on his show.

'I'm no longer going to show people's weights on the show unless they want me to," Dr. Oz said. "I'm not going to force it on people anymore.'

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