Yelp review could cost woman $750K

Online Review Could Cost Woman $750,000
Online Review Could Cost Woman $750,000

A Virginia woman could be forced to pay $750,000 for leaving a bad online review.

Jane Perez claims Christopher Dietz's home renovation business botched a project she hired it for, charged her for unnecessary services and accused workers of stealing jewelry from her home.

She warned others in her reviews on Yelp and Angie's List not to hire a, quote, "nightmare of a contractor." Dietz says her one-star reviews cost him $300,000 in business, plus personal embarrassment.

Dietz's attorney told reporters, "The case isn't about being bad-mouthed, and the law doesn't let you say anything. The point here is to address the statements where Ms. Perez lied."

He's now seeking $750,000 in damages. Perez's is reportedly counter suing Dietz for his response of her review, that called her a liar.