Woman to quit job during Super Bowl commercial

Woman to Quit Job During Super Bowl Commercial
Woman to Quit Job During Super Bowl Commercial

It's a commercial bound to go viral, and it hasn't even aired yet. 'Good Morning America' delves into how one company will be left without an employee come Sunday.

'One woman is about to quit her job on TV in front of everyone watching the Super Bowl.'

Bold move! And the woman's boss has no idea this employee will quit her job as part of GoDaddy's Super Bowl commercial. Here's a peek.

'Let's talk about dreams and the people who wish to pursue them, like BLEEP. She's a real person, and she has the dream of starting her own business and she's got a message for her boss.'

That's right - the boss will find out along with the rest of America. GoDaddy wouldn't reveal anything about the mystery lady, but GoDaddy's CEO did recount how the company found her.

'We just kinda went through our customers and found people we thought were ready to take that step.'

Altough the mystery woman will quit her job during one of the most-watched TV events of the year, GoDaddy shared this info with AdWeek :'After the commercial, a formal resignation letter will be delivered and she'll give her two-week notice.'

Well, if she's not fired, that is. We're not really sure if two weeks notice makes up for the publicity, but whatever.

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