The State of the Union by the numbers


Last night, President Barack Obama presented his agenda to Congress, while millions of Americans watched at home, online, and surfed their Twitter feeds for insightful explanations from political pundits. If you missed the President's speech last night, we've rounded up the biggest moments from his speech by the numbers.

6,581 - The total number of words in President Obama's State of the Union

65:11 - The total amount of time the president spoke.

80 - The number of times President Obama's speech was interrupted by applause

21 - The number of times the President received a standing ovation from Democrats

19 - The number of bipartisan standing ovations during the State of the Union

00:00:90 - The number of seconds American hero Cory Remsburg received a standing ovation

source: Daily Intelligencer

3 - The number of Republican responses to the President's speech.

$10.10 - The new minimum wage for federal contractors President Obama plans to raise by executive order.

5 - the number of State of the Union speeches the President has given since being elected in 2008

State of Union
State of Union

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