The 6 foods you're eating all wrong

The 6 Foods You're Eating Wrong
The 6 Foods You're Eating Wrong

The core is a myth.
Don't waste your apple, just eat it from the bottom and enjoy the whole thing!

Peeling eggs can be messy and difficult, especially if you're in a rush. Instead, try boiling your eggs with baking soda. Then, crack and peel a bit off both sides. Blow on it, and it'll come right out of the shell!

Try flipping your fruit around to peel from the other side. A little easier, no?

Meat can get trapped between bones -- don't settle for that.
Instead, try this three-step trick:

  1. Pull off cartilage on the wider end

  1. Twist & pull small bone

  2. Pull the larger bone

You've got one perfect bite!

If you're tired of endless peeling, try cutting off the top and bottom, slicing the peel and rolling your fruit out.

Toblorone chocolate
Perhaps you knew this, but those chocolate bites can be broken off with one hand.

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