Scammers charging $9.84 to stolen credit card numbers

Scammers Charging $9.84 to Stolen Credit Card Numbers
Scammers Charging $9.84 to Stolen Credit Card Numbers

A new credit card scam has surfaced. The Better Business Bureau says credit card users should be looking for a small and specific amount of money that might have been stolen.

HLN explains that 'if you see a charge for $9.84 on your credit card statement, you may have been scammed. And for some reason, the sum of $9.84 keeps cropping up.'

But, why would thieves go after such a small amount of money? 'Good Morning America' says it's, well, hard to notice.

'Scammers are now testing stolen credit card numbers by charging small amounts on them at first. ... Scammers apparently believing most will overlook such a small amount on an itemized bill.'

An anchor at KHOU called the small charge $9.84 a quote 'sneaky' way to steal money.

The BBB put out a national alert on the matter Monday - and instructed people to call their banks if they see the charges.

'Victims report calling the 'customer support' site and receiving verbal confirmation that the charge would be canceled. However, don't take the scammers at their word.'

And it turns out we have a pretty good idea of 'whodunnit', too.

CNN reports a cybersecurity journalist was able to trace the hack to two men in Cyprus.

Journalist Brian Krebs used to work for The Washington Post. In an article published almost two weeks ago, Krebs said he got many complaints about the small charges during the holiday season, but added the $9.84 charge had actually been popping up on many accounts since early last year.

The Better Business Bureau has advised credit card users to check their statements for the possible charge and warns thieves could use the cards again to steal more money. So far, no word on how many people this has affected.