Sara Evan's Ex: 'My divorce reads like a Grisham novel'

'My Divorce Reads Like A John Grisham Novel'
'My Divorce Reads Like A John Grisham Novel'

The process of ending a marriage can be emotionally, mentally and financially draining. For former political candidate Craig Schelske, divorce was also a public nightmare.

Schelske's 2007 divorce from country music star Sara Evans became a media sensation, in part because of the wild accusations the two parties made against each other.

"When I entered court, I had the expectation that my wife would be protected, that I would be able to negotiate my way through it to an amicable sort-of resolution, and by the time I got done, my story reads like a John Grisham novel," Schelske said to host Caitlyn Becker.

He alleged corruption in family court, including "judges who were involved in felonious activities, parenting evaluators who are cocaine addicts and drug abusers, and actions of collusion behind my back, hiding assets and all sorts of things to deprive me of my rights, my place as a father, [and] the income that I had helped earn over a period of 10 years. So yes, it was a very, very nasty thing."

Schelske also claimed that Evans' divorce attorney tried to cast aspersions on Schelske's character. "My ex's divorce attorney, in a fit of buffoonery, he believed that I was Craig of Craigslist. He thought I was personally responsible for the sexual solicitation ads on Craigslist."

Ultimately, Schelske sued the divorce attorney for slander. "I went after this attorney for slander and it took me three years. Four days before his trial -- I'm not supposed to say that he surrendered but we settled. He paid me a settlement and issued a letter of apology."

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