Family's 'ice tree' reaches huge heights

Extreme Cold Helps Family Continue Ice Tree Tradition
Extreme Cold Helps Family Continue Ice Tree Tradition

Yes, there's actually a family that is 'thankful' for the brutally cold weather this winter. When the temperature is just right, the Veal family's 'tree' starts to grow.

The tradition is more than 50 years old, and it forces drivers in Indianapolis, Ind., to pull over just to take a quick look.

The tree is about 60 feet high, and it towers over their home.

However, the ice tree is not really a tree at all. It is made up of branches and 2 X 4′s coated with colored water. Vierl Veal started the tradition during the winter of 1961. He has since passed away, but the family continues to build the tree to honor his memory. His granddaughter, Winter, is the third generation to take over.

Countless hours and gallons of water go into making the wild creation. Six hoses have been running non-stop since December, and all of the water is pumped from a nearby pond.

It has been several years since the ice tree has been this tall. Family members say the cold weather could help them reach historic heights. According to family legend, the sculpture grew to 70 feet tall back in the 1970′s.

You can also find more information about the Veal's Ice Tree on facebook.

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