Woman gets 2-day jail sentence, serves 5 months

Woman Gets 2-Day Jail Sentence, Serves 5 Months
Woman Gets 2-Day Jail Sentence, Serves 5 Months

An Indiana woman might be filing a lawsuit against the county that arrested her after she served more than 100 extra days in jail.

Destiny Hoffman, 34, was sentenced to 48 hours in jail after she submitted a diluted drug test and violating her drug court program. But more than five months later, Hoffman was still in jail.

The News and Tribune reports a judge told Clark County Sheriff's Department to hold Hoffman 'until further order of the court.' Hoffman was also scheduled to undergo an evaluation but that never happened and the court order never came, so she remained in custody.

Hoffman was finally released after a Clark County Deputy Prosecutor started reviewing old case files and came across hers. Now, her incarceration has been deemed unlawful and could result in a civil suit.

A pretrial hearing over the matter will be held Monday.