Man serving jail time for pot allowed to smoke it every month

Man Serving Jail Time for Pot Allowed to Leave and Smoke It Every Month
Man Serving Jail Time for Pot Allowed to Leave and Smoke It Every Month

A man is in jail for pot possession in New Jersey, but he's allowed to leave for ten days every month to smoke medical marijuana. Wait, what? 'Fox & Friends' explains the story of Edward Forchion.

'A weed activist, who calls himself 'the weed man' is also a cancer patient,' 'Fox & Friends' reports.

'But the judge who jailed him in New Jersey legally allows him to leave to fly to California to get medical marijuana.'

The Trentonian explains that the case has encountered all sorts of legal roundabouts. It all started back in 2010 when Forchion was caught in the Garden state with a pound of pot in his trunk.

'In the middle of all this, New Jersey passed laws legalizing medical marijuana. Forchion was found guilty of possession, and thought he had a deal in place with the prosecution and judge for a stay of sentence while the state worked out its medical marijuana laws.'

Well ... that didn't happen. Forchion is now serving 270 days in jail in 20 day installments. He's turned to social media to voice his plight.

He explains in this YouTube video that he has a type of bone cancer, and the marijuana isn't recreational, but medical.

Forchion's rare bone cancer causes painful tumors and lesions. According to his website, Forchion will finish serving time February 28th.