Hotel cleaner gets amazing $500 tip

This Is What Happens When You Leave A Hotel Cleaner A $500 Tip
This Is What Happens When You Leave A Hotel Cleaner A $500 Tip

In an incredible act of kindness, the YouTube charity channel GiveBackFilms (in partnership with Udi's) gave one hotel cleaner a tip she'll never forget.

This woman (who took up work as a maid in Park City, Utah because she needed a place to stay) found $500 under bed sheets in a room she was cleaning. Her reaction was priceless and it was all caught on camera.

As friendly filmmakers Josh and Kyle came into the room, the woman tried to give the money back, but they wouldn't take it.

The woman's co-worker said she more than deserved this because she was such a hard worker and had made a huge difference since she joined the staff.

GiveBackFilms has carried out several good deeds as part of their feel-good YouTube series, like giving $100 to homeless people and paying for drive-thru orders.

Josh and Kyle don't want anything in return for their kindness ... all they ask is that viewers pass it on.

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