Couple sleeps apart to stay together

Couple Sleeps Apart to Stay Together
Couple Sleeps Apart to Stay Together

Sleeping separately from your spouse might be a sign of a rocky relationship for some couples, but Arianne Cohen and her husband Nate think it actually keeps them healthy.

'I love the fact that we love each other so much, we protect each other's solitude,' Nate told 'GMA.'

Arianne and Nate have separate bedrooms, which helps them get great sleep and avoid each other's annoying habits. One family therapist says their situation is not out of the ordinary.

'Surprisingly, half of all married couples sleep separately. You just want to keep checking in and saying how is this going for you? Is this working for you?'

Arianne wrote a piece for Upwave, explaining why she thinks the two-bedroom solution is a really great one. She noted: 'Sleeping in my husband's room now truly feels like a date. Now that I enjoy eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at least twice a week, my mood is better -- and so is our quality of life.'