Amazon Is Releasing A (Relatively Cheap) Console

The console space isn't just about "the big three" any more -- besides Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, there are a significant number of other players in town.

One area which seems to be trying desperately for growth but which is presently struggling for mainstream appeal is that of Android-powered devices specifically designed with gaming and entertainment in mind. Whether a microconsole like the Ouya or a handheld device like Nvidia's Shield, these consoles are often a good idea in principle, but in reality the practicalities of them are yet to be refined to make them palatable to the masses.

Retail giant Amazon is the next to step into this currently ill-defined market, according to sources who spoke with our friends at VG247. The device, which is aiming for a sub-$300 price point, is an Android-powered console that will offer both streaming and downloadable games, music, movies and TV content. The base unit's prototype is reportedly similar in size and form factor to the newer model PSones, though that may well change as the device gets closer to an official launch...

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