Woman goes missing after traveling world for two years

Woman Goes Missing After Traveling World For Two Years
Woman Goes Missing After Traveling World For Two Years

A woman in Texas has been missing since January 17, and authorities are stumped as to where she could be. 'Fox & Friends' has more:'The search continuing this morning for 33-year-old Leanne Bearden who disappeared after going for a walk near her in-laws' Texas home.'

'Good Morning America' reports that authorities don't suspect foul play in Leanne's disappearance. She went missing shortly after she and her husband returned from a nearly two-year trip around the world.

Leanne's husband, Joshua Beardin, is not a person of interest. KXAN says the two have been married for a little more than four years - and Leanne is a marathon runner who competed in the Boston Marathon.

Both the family and authorities say they have no idea where Leanne could be. Over the weekend, more than 150 volunteers searched more than 20 square miles of the San Antonio suburb where Leanne was last seen, but they couldn't find anything.

Local police have called off the official search after they couldn't turn up any clues over the weekend.

Leanne's husband said he won't stop looking for his wife. The next adventure they had planned was to start a family.