The best moments from the 2014 Grammys in gifs


Sometimes a picture (or gif) says a thousand words and this year, there were a few moments from the Grammys that did not disappoint. Missed the show? We wrap up our favorite moments from the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in gif.

#1 - Taylor Swift rocks out -- and may have hurt herself in the process...

source: MTV

#2 - Lorde may have taken home a few gold trophies last night, but her odd performance is certainly gif-worthy -- What is happening here?!

source: gif-able

#3 - Pink is known for her acrobatic acts on stage and this year was no different!

source: gifsection

#4 - That time Taylor Swift thought she won ... and she didn't! Please note the epic reactions in the back. We think they are the real reason she looks surprised.

source: uproxx

#5 - This may not top everyone's list, but we think Yoko Ono's dance moves deserve a more than a little recognition!

source: salon

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